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February 2015

Kick-start your 2015 marketing campaign with an ad in the February issue of IRJ, which features in-depth reports on some of the world's most important railway projects.

Asia: IRJ speaks exclusively to JR West in Japan and visits the Hokuriku Shinkansen which is set to open in March. We also look at a recent study into traffic development on China's high-speed network.

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Infrastructure: project management: London's Crossrail is currently Europe's largest infrastructure project. We speak to Bechtel about how Crossrail is setting a global benchmark for sustainable planning and delivery. We also look at the lessons learned during the Regional Rail Link project, Melbourne's first new railway in 80 years.

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Smarter railways: eco-friendly technology: Our Smarter Railways theme continues with a look at the latest sustainable solutions which are helping railways reduce their carbon emissions and energy consumption. We report on DB Schenker's use of stop-start technology on its locomotives in Britain.

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Extra distribution:

• International Railway Summit, February 18-20, Barcelona, Spain

Closing date for the February issue: January 15
Ad copy date: January 17

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High speed rail is continuing to reach new areas across the world. We have the latest on India’s plans for high-speed and the start of operations on Austria’s Vienna - St Pölten line. We also report on SNCF’s new no-frills TGV service.

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Heavy haul railways are pushing the boundaries of technology and spurring new innovations. Ahead of February’s International Heavy Haul Association conference in Delhi, we examine the latest developments in Canada, and the rush to extract Africa’s mineral wealth.

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New train maintenance practices are helping operators to do more with less. We look at two of the latest systems.

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The abundance of rail projects taking place across the Middle East and North Africa has established the region as a one of the world’s most dynamic markets. We report on the latest developments in Jordan and Iran, and the opening of a new light railway in Casablanca.

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We take a look at rapid transit projects in Stockholm and Milan, and the most efficient forms of electric traction.

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We will also feature some of the latest innovations in track technology.

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Extra distribution

IHHA Conference, February 4-6, Delhi, India