April 06, 2018

Italferr named main designer for Sarmiento line upgrade

Written by  Marco Chiandoni
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The new Sarmiento Line tunnel will replace a surface section. The new Sarmiento Line tunnel will replace a surface section.

ITALFERR, a subsidiary of Italian State Railways (FS), has been appointed under a €41m contract by the G&S consortium as main designer for the project to upgrade the 37km Sarmiento line in the Argentine capital Buenos Aires.

Italferr will be responsible overseeing the execution of the project and providing technical support for the five-year scheme which entails building a new 18km underground section with eight new stations to replace a surface section of the line which links Once in the city centre and Moreno. This will allow trains to operate at 3-minute headways and enable the line to carry more 150 million passengers per year.

"The modernisation of the Sarmiento line in terms of technical complexity and duration of the works - five years from March 2018 until the complete realisation of the work - currently represents the most challenging project for Italferr’s activities abroad,” says Mr Carlo Carganico, Italferr’s managing director and general manager.

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