August 15, 2016

First refrigerated container transported from China to Russia

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RUSSIAN Railways subsidiary, RZD Logistics, launched a test of a refrigerated container train carrying fruit and vegetables between Russia and China on August 8 in what hopes will become a regular service.

The first shipment of 40-foot containers was organised in cooperation with Transcontainer and is expected to arrive at its destination on August 26-28.

The containers are connected to a diesel-generator wagon to maintain the appropriate preservation temperature.

Delivery time will be cut to 12 days which is three times shorter than the equivalent journey by sea, and is competitive with road transport due to the minimal cost of delivery through China.

RZD Logistics’ service includes door-to-door delivery with minimum transportation time, and eliminates the need for long-term storage and reloading of goods.

The new service is suitable for the transport of frozen and chilled products, pharmaceutical goods, and electronics.

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