September 12, 2013

DRS confirms order for Vossloh electro-diesels

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BRITISH open-access operator Direct Rail Services (DRS) confirmed on September 12 that it has placed an order through Beacon Rail Leasing for 10 EuroDual electro-diesel locomotives from Vossloh.

The 25kV ac locomotives, which will be classified class 88, will have a maximum output of 4MW and will be equipped with a 700kW diesel engine, delivering tractive effort of 317kN in both modes. The 160km/h units will be equipped with regenerative braking and will have a 500kW electric train heating rating.

DRS says the class 88 will share many major components with the class 68 UKLight diesel locomotives, 15 of which were ordered from Vossloh in January 2012, including bodyshells, cabs, braking systems, bogies, traction equipment, and control software.

The class 88s will be assembled by Vossloh Rail Vehicles atits Albuixech site near Valencia, Spain, and deliveries are due to commence in 2015.

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