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January 02, 2018

Prignitz network concession tender launched

Written by  Quintus Vosman

BERLIN Brandenburg Transport Authority (VBB) has issued a call for tender for the operation of two regional lines comprising the Prignitz network.

The lines are:
• RB 73 Pritzwalk - Neustadt (Dosse)
• RB 74 Pritzwalk - Meyenburg


Closing date for bids is February 6 2018. The 10-year concession will start in December 2018 and covers 23,000 train-km per year.

VBB will consider more than just the financial offer when considering bids. Special attention will be paid to proposals which include vehicles with propulsion systems designed to reduce CO2 emissions and other exhaust gases.

Battery-powered trains or vehicles which run with either reduced gas emissions or without any kind of emission are preferred, with a view to introducing such trains during the period of concession.