May 15, 2012

Train weighing system installed to protect Bangladesh bridge

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Transducers have been fitted to the rail. Transducers have been fitted to the rail.

BRITISH company Railweight has installed in-motion train weighing systems on each side of the 4.8km Jamuna River road/rail bridge in Bangladesh. The bridge, opened in 1998 to connect the two parts of Bangladesh's hitherto divided rail network, and is currently used by up to 17 freight trains a day which are subject to a weight restriction to prevent further cracks from forming in the bridge. Up to now, freight trains have had to stop for a lengthy manual inspection, which was not particularly accurate, before being allowed to cross. Now it is possible to weigh trains at up to 80km/h and when travelling on either broad or metre-gauge track.

Railweight says its Weighline system can weigh trains with an accuracy of +/-0.25% and wagons with an accuracy of +/-0.5%. Overweight wagons are identified automatically and the train is stopped so the load can be reduced.

The weighing system comprises four pairs of transducers fitted to sections of rail, a TSR4000 weight indicator, and dedicated PCs which use I-Line software to detect overweight wagons and trains. The system calculates uniform distributed loads to enable it to detect overloaded wagons, and produces a report for each train showing wheel loads, axleloads, wagon type, train consist, and the tare, gross and net weights for each wagon.

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