The contract will include the establishment of the new Cape Town Train Traffic Control Centre, the design, supply and installation of signalling equipment, and the associated civil, track, electrical, and telecommunications works.

The project involves replacing all existing mechanical and electro-mechanical systems interlockings with electronic interlockings.

Prasa says that only 14% of signalling installations are within their design life, with the remainder averaging 35 years of age.

The National New Signalling Programme will include the replacement of 162 signalling installations, the implementation of centralised traffic control (CTC) as well as the installation of optical fibre cable networks in the Metrorail regions as part of the Integrated Communication System (ICS) programme.

In March Prasa awarded a Rand 1.1bn contract for resignalling the MetroRail KwaZulu Natal network in the Durban area to the Bombardier Africa Alliance, which includes ERB Technologies, Basil Read, Bakara Engineering, R&H Railway Consultants, SIMS, and Tractionel.