RATP Dev Mobility Cairo will also be responsible for commissioning extensions of the line, with work planned on the 6.65km phase 4C from Heliopolis to Cairo International Airport. The 7km phase 4B eastern extension between El-Shams Club and Adly Mansour was inaugurated on August 17, taking the length of Line 3 to 22.9km, serving 19 stations. Ultimately the line will extend to 40km with 34 stations and an expected ridership of 1.5 million passengers per day.

RATP Dev has committed to investing in local human resources, creating a new training centre in Cairo to support knowledge transfer as well as providing outside training. The company aims to offer various positions to Egyptians with the goal of reaching 90% of local contracts.

RATP Dev says the takeover of Line 3 will be effective following a mobilisation phase, including an audit of the current situation, recruitment, transfer of power, evaluation, training and other preparatory stages.

“We are honoured by the trust placed in us by the Egyptian authorities, and very proud to contribute to the development of urban transport in Greater Cairo,” says Ms Laurence Batlle, chairman of the management board of RATP Dev. “The metro is an important economic lever for the city. We want to make it more efficient, innovative and sustainable to improve the quality of life and mobility of the population of Cairo.”