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Kevin Fuhrman

April 10, 2017 |

Senior Railway Specialist


Experts Pool: Senior Railway Specialist


In line with ADB’s Sustainable Transport Initiative, ADB is expanding its railway financing operations in developing member countries (DMCs). To support this work, it wishes to recruit a leading technical expert from the railways industry who will assist ADB multidisciplinary teams in preparation of 2-3 railway investment projects per annum for a period of 3 years. The expert will (i) assist operations departments (ODs) to develop and implement expanded pipelines of railways lending and non-lending operations, including new rail links and expanding the capacity and efficiency of existing railways; (ii) introduce new and innovative forms of railways operations for ADB-financing; (iii) assist cross-border railways development as part of ADB subregional cooperation programs; and (iv) prepare, obtain and share knowledge on advanced railways technologies and best practices in railways management and commercialization. The expert will be expected to regularly prepare written technical and other reports required to formulate initial concept-level project proposals, determine technical scope and feasibility of investments, consider project management, procurement and other implementation arrangements, and identify policy and institutional issues and propose realistic steps for addressing these. The expert will work within general policies, principles and goals, interacting directly with clients.


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