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Public Invitation for the purchase of two narrow-gauge diesel lococmotives

(metric gauge = 1,000 mm)

CP - Comboios de Portugal, E.P.E. hereby announces it intention to shortly lauch a sales prodecure for two narrow-gauge diesel locomotives (metri gauge = 1,000 mm) for railway, museum, tourist or cultural purposes. We intend to receive demonstrations of interest from entities that would like to participate in this procedure.

The sales conditions shall be defined with the launch of the procedure.

Please visit our sire: http://www.cp.pt/go/locomotivas_diesel, where further details are available.

On behalf of the Board of Directors

CP- Comboios de Portugal, E.P.E.


Calcada do Duque, 20, 1249-109 Lisbon

Tel.: +351 211 023 839

Email: [email protected]

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