DfT has been working with the Rail Delivery Group (RDG), Transport Focus, the Office of Rail and Road (ORR), passenger groups, technology firms, ticket retailers, train operators and Britain’s rail minister Mr Paul Maynard to develop a four-step plan which will come into force in 2017:

• how you choose your ticket - DfT will take steps to improve information so that an informed choice of ticket can be made

• what you buy - new ticket products will be setup in the retail market to ensure customers always get a simple explanation of their chosen ticket

• where you buy your ticket - DfT will improve the scope of where and the ways in which passengers can buy tickets, and

• how you buy your ticket - DfT will try to simplify the purchasing process.

“The ticket buying experience is all too often complicated and hard to navigate and I am committed to working with the industry to make it simpler,” Maynard says. “We want a more modern and passenger-focused fares and ticketing system which takes advantage of all the benefits of new technology.

“Rail passengers must be able to trust that they are getting the best possible deal every time they travel.”