The Paris - Clermont - Ferrand line will receive a €130m allocation to bring infrastructure back up to standard, reducing journey times from 3h 30min to 3h 15min with an additional daily train pair set to be introduced. The region will fund €43m of this cost with central government providing €87m.

Another €130m will be invested in minor lines which operate TER regional services, with the region and central government sharing this cost. A further €20m will be spent on saving several freight lines from closure, which currently account for a total of 1 million tonnes a year. The lines are:

  • Volvic - Le Mont Dore (€7.1m)
  • Vichy - Puy Guillaume (€4m)
  • Riom - Volvic (€3.5m)
  • Vichy - Cusset (€3m), and
  • La Ferté Hauterive - Saint Pourçain-sur-Sioule (€2.6m.)