The combined group will have around 140 staff, over 200 associate consultants, offices on four continents and projected annual revenues of $US 30m. Both businesses will continue to operate under their respective names for the foreseeable future, with ongoing contracts being carried out under the umbrella of their respective businesses. 

The merger will allow FCP to utilise CPCS’s expertise in the North American transport market and grant CPCS access to transport and infrastructure markets in Britain and Europe.  

The expanded group will also take advantage of their combined assets to support public transport organisations to develop strategies to respond to the long-term impact of Covid-19. This will include a focus on travel patterns and other structural trends shaping mobility, such as climate change, carbon neutrality and alternative funding models. 

“We’ve had successful collaborations with FCP and have found that they bring more depth in passenger rail transport than any other firm we’ve worked with,” says Mr Marc-André Roy, co-managing partner for CPCS. “We’re looking forward to using this depth to achieve even greater impacts.” 

“The merger gives us access to a well-established global operating platform, backed by significant analytical expertise and a wealth of consulting resources,” says FCP CEO, Mr Ian Horseman Sewell, who will lead the group’s UK and European operations. 

Sewell will join CPCS’s board and will continue to oversee ongoing FCP partnerships and contracts in other markets.