SZ has prepared investment projects worth more than Koruna 24.2bn this year, which is Koruna 4.6bn more than in 2019. SZ says despite the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, it has invested almost Koruna 6.9bn up to April 30, which is 28% of the annual budget. By comparison, SZ had only invested 22.5% of the total budget during the first four months of 2019.

“Regardless of the current situation, we continue without interruption in the preparation of other planned investment projects,” says SZ director general, Mr Jiří Svoboda.

The additional funding will be used for track repairs and maintenance and work on station buildings. The largest allocation of funds comprise:

  • Koruna 280m to repair both tracks between Děčín-Prostřední Žleb and Dolní Žleb from mid-July to the end of October
  • Koruna 200m for a Koruna 500m project to repair unstable embankments between Hájek - Dalovice, and
  • Koruna 151m for a Koruna 242m scheme to repair the Mostek - Horka u Staré Paky line.