ENSCO has confirmed that it has entered an equity purchase agreement to acquire KLD Labs, a provider of automated wayside inspection technology and laser profiling solutions.

Ensco and KLD Labs will combine their inspection technologies, engineering and service teams to deliver railway inspection technology for track and rolling stock. KLD will become a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ensco.

“The integration of KLD Labs and Ensco uniquely positions us to inspect both rolling stock and track,” says Ensco president, Mr Jeff Stevens. “Coupled with our vehicle/track interaction capabilities, the Ensco and KLD Labs team will offer the first comprehensive condition assessment technology suite for railways, paving the way for unprecedented levels of safety and efficiency.”

Based in Long Island, New York, KLD Labs designs and integrates artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions, laser technology, and machine vision systems for automated railway inspection applications. It is present in more than 35 countries and has deployed more than 500 solutions.

“KLD Labs is renowned for its extensive history of providing reliable and innovative measurement technology and is pleased to join forces with Ensco, ensuring the preservation of its legacy,” says KLD’s vice-president, Mr Dan Magnus.