Freight shuttle traffic through the Channel Tunnel was up by 16% to 1.2 million trucks last year from 1.1 million in 2010, while passenger traffic increased 6% from 2.1 million cars in 2010 to 2.3 million in 2011, for an overall 10% increase in shuttle revenues.

Eurostar's performance also improved despite eliminating two return trips per week between London and Paris and London and Brussels with 9.7 million passengers carried, 2% more than in 2010.

The potential for increases in railfreight tonnage through the tunnel were reflected in the annual results. Railfreight volumes were up 17% overall in 2011 to 1.3 million tonnes.

The number of freight trains using the tunnel also increased from 2097 in 2010 to 2388 last year. Europorte revenues were up by 26% to e157.8m following the establishment of new links to Spain, and GB Railfreight's new intermodal service to Italy.