Consolidated revenues for Eurotunnel Group were €1.22bn, a rise of €54m compared with 2014. Ebitda also increased, by €3m to €542m at constant exchange rates. Operating profit was €387m, a gain of €6m.

Eurotunnel has set a target of Ebitda of €560m in 2016 and €605m in 2017 and expects growth in its car and lorry shuttle business to continue. It also says the launch of new high-speed rail services from London to Amsterdam is 'favourable' and that there is the prospect of growth in the rail freight market.

The results show stable passenger numbers for high-speed operator Eurostar through the Channel Tunnel, but freight volumes fell significantly in 2015, largely due to intrusions by migrants at French National Railways' (SNCF) Calais Frethun terminal from June. The number of tonnes carried fell by 14% to 1,420,826 while the number of freight trains using the tunnel decreased by 17% to 2421.