HITACHI Rail and Siemens Mobility have topped a new index that rates the sustainability of global manufacturing businesses. British-based sustainability rating company Standard Ethics created the SE Global Railway Manufacturers Index to provide an overview of the level of sustainability within the industry.

Nine grades, from EEE (best) to F (worst) have been defined by Standard Ethics, five of which indicate sustainability, with two indicating a company is not fully achieving sustainability and two indicating sustainability is not being achieved.

The majority of major manufacturers (58%) achieved a Sustainable grade, with one-third graded as Not Fully Sustainable. Hitachi Rail and Siemens Mobility achieved the highest grades of EE (“strong”). Only one company, CRRC, was graded E- (“unsatisfactory”), a score indicating sustainability is not being achieved.

“Overall, the industry’s major companies seem aware of the central role they play in the game of green transition and sustainable mobility,” says Standard Ethics. “A good level of alignment is noted in the area of environment, where research and innovation in technologies and the use of environmentally sustainable materials appear advanced.”

“On the other hand, the challenges the sector faces when it comes to increasing mobility efficiency, such as the electrification of railway lines and the simultaneous development and improvement of secondary or peripheral lines, appear ambitious. Environmental targets can be easily found and are in line with global (UN, OECD and EU) requirements.”

SE Global Railway Manufacturers Index – Ratings
Company Rating
Hitachi Rail EE (strong)
Siemens Mobility EE (strong)
Alstom EE- (adequate)
Kawasaki EE- (adequate)
Talgo EE- (adequate)
Greenbrier EE- (adequate)
Wabtech EE- (adequate)
Hyundai Rotem E+ (low)
CAF E+ (low)
Stadler E+ (low)
Trinity E (very low)
CRRC E- (unsatisfactory)
Source: Standard Ethics