Grandi Lavori Fincosit (GLF) and Condotte were part of the three-firm consortium which won the contract for the bridge, but for judicial reasons have had their share in the consortium reduced to 0.01% each so as not to violate the tendering rules.

Itinera has continued work on the project under the assumption that the two firms will not be actively returning to the project and has followed the time plan for the project as agreed.

Mr Silvio Fascio, CEO for Itinera’s European division, said the withdrawal of GLF and Condotte will not have any influence on the completion of the project.

The total price of the new bridge, including landworks and demolition of the present bridge from the 1930s, is DKr 4.1bn ($US 648.7m) at 2017 prices.

It will be opened in 2023.