MILAN Transport (ATM) has awarded a €368m framework agreement to Hitachi Rail for the supply of 46 metro trains.

The award is part of an ATM investment plan, launched in 2021, to make public transport more comfortable, accessible and sustainable while also reversing the significant ridership losses experienced during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The first part of the agreement with Hitachi Rail covers the delivery of 21 trains worth €168m, due to enter service on Line M1 in spring 2024.

Each of the new trains, which are to be manufactured at Hitachi plants in Naples and Reggio di Calabria, will be 106.5m long and composed of six aluminium-bodied cars, with a maximum speed of 90km/h. The  exterior finish of the new trains has been designed to be especially resistant to vandalism.

The new design will be fully accessible with uninterrupted views from front to rear and a CCTV system providing real-time footage to the control room to improve onboard security. The trains will also be equipped with air-conditioning and will be quieter onboard, helping to provide a more comfortable passenger experience.

Line M1 runs from Sesto Primo Maggio in the north via Duomo station in the city centre to Pagano, where it splits into two branches, one running northwest to Rho Fiera and the second southwest to Bisceglie. It  has a total length of 27km with 38 stations and is electrified at 750V dc fourth rail.

Rolling stock currently operating on Line M1 includes six-car articulated Leonardo trains, which were supplied by Hitachi Rail Italy and entered service in January 2015. There are also six-car Firema and AnsaldoBreda 900 series trains that first entered service in 2009.

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