The mixed-traffic line Acre - Carmiel is an electrified 22km double-track railway, which includes two 4.6km single-bore tunnels at Gilon, to be fitted with slab track, as well as two new stations at Moshav Ahihud in the Western Galilee and in Carmiel. The contract includes fixed and mobile telecommunication systems, signalling and tunnel system integration including smoke and fire detection, ventilation, CCTV, telephone, lighting, public address, energy power supply, a water pumping system, and emergency communications.

The 58km Haifa – Beit Shean line, also known as the Yisrael Valley railway, will be single track and will not be electrified. The line will have five new stations at Lev Ha'mifratz, Kefar Yehoshua, Kefar Baruch, Afula and Beit Shean. The work will include laying ballasted track, and installing fixed and mobile telecommunications and signalling equipment. This line will also be designed for mixed traffic operation.