There will also be a shift in emphasis from mechanical and engineering investment, where spending will fall from $US 3.7bn to $US 3.4bn, to infrastructure which will see a sharp rise from $US 2.9bn to $US 4.6bn. The redistribution follows the Russian government's decision to upgrade the Trans-Siberian and Baikal Amur Magistral (BAM) main lines.

Nevertheless, RZD plans to step up motive power and rolling stock acquisitions next year. Locomotive purchases will rise from 839 units to 886 in 2015 even though RZD expects to invest less, with locomotive spending falling from $US 2.1bn to $US 1.9bn. EMU car orders will increase from 685 to 750 with investment rising in line from $US 478m to $US 521.8m.