RailFit20/30 is the result of a review undertaken in cooperation with consultant McKinsey, with definitive answers on which areas will be cut back set to be announced in summer 2016.

SBB says that rising costs from its new services, infrastructure investments, additional maintenance and regulatory requirements as well as expected reductions in cost per passenger and tonne-km of competing modes requires it to achieve an improved price-performance ratio to retain a competitive position in the market.

With only moderate or minor increases in fares possible, RailFit20/30 will look at cutting costs in all areas and will review current service and operational concepts, including increasing the utilisation of SBB's train fleet.

SBB says existing cost-cutting measures will be reviewed and challenged and admits the programme is likely to result in up to 900 job losses by 2020, with further reductions possible. However, it says that cost-cutting will not come at the cost of customer satisfaction, safety and quality but by making better use of new technologies and automation.

SBB currently employs 28,000 people and has a staff turnover of staff of around 1500 per year. It says that job cuts will focus on natural reductions as staff leave and retire.