Trafikverket says each regional public transport authority in Sweden applied for the support, with most receiving the amount they had requested.

“The compensation ensures the availability of the transport system during Covid-19,” says Ms Jenny Aminoff, head of investigation at Trafikverket. “Public transport must be able to continue to a sufficient extent to avoid congestion and reduce the spread of infection.”

The funding was approved by the Swedish government on July 20, which appointed Trafikverket to receive the applications from the public transport authorities and allocate the funding.

The funding allocated is:

  • Stockholm Transport Administration (SKr 1.33bn)
  • Skånetrafiken (Skr 469.3m)
  • Västra Götaland Region (SKr 419.6m)
  • Uppsala Region (SKr 148.6m)
  • Halland Region (SKr 88.1m)
  • Östergötland Region (SKr 55.6m)
  • Jönköping County Traffic (SKr 42.1m)
  • Gävleborg Region (SKr 31.2m)
  • Örebro County Region (SKr 30.3m)
  • Kronoberg Region (SKr 45.4m)
  • Västerbotten Region (SKr 40.9m)
  • Kalmar Region (SKr 35m)
  • Norrbottens county municipal association (SKr 27m)
  • Sörmland Region (SKr 26.2m)
  • Värmland Public Transport Authority (SKr 25.2m)
  • Din Tur, Västernorrland (SKr 25.6m)
  • Blekinge Region (SKr 23m)
  • Västmanland Region (SKr 22.3m)
  • Dalarna Region (SKr 20m)
  • Jämtland Härjedalen Region (SKr 17.8m)
  • Gotland Region (SKr 545,220).