The 20-year lending contract will carry annual interest of 0.4%, with a six-year grace period. The entire Red Line project requires a combined investment of Baht 42.8bn ($US 1.27bn), of which Baht 32.8bn is from foreign loans, mainly from Jica, and Baht 10bn from domestic borrowing.

The 15.3km first phase of the Red Line from Taling to Bang Son opened with a limited DMU service in December 2012. However, this was subsequently suspended in January 2013 and is not expected to reopen until the completion of the Bang Sue terminal station and SRT purchases new rolling stock.

Construction is underway on the second section, with the MHSC Consortium, comprising Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd, Hitachi Co and Sumitomo Corp, the lead contractor. Mr Jaray Roongthanee, SRT's chief engineer for special projects, said in February that the aim is start operations on the complete 35.3km line in 2018.