Rocla generated sales of $US 88.2m in the fiscal year 2015-16, which ended on June 30, and the supervisory board of Vossloh has already approved the acquisition.

Vossloh says the acquisition is an ideal strategic expansion of its product portfolio because Rocla’s products complement its range of rail fasteners and switches. In the future, Vossloh will be able to deliver sleepers, rail fastening systems and switches in the United States from a single source.

“We have been working together with Vossloh for many years,” says the CEO and president of Rocla Concrete Tie Mr Peter Urquhart. “In the past, Vossloh rail fastening systems have always been mounted on Rocla sleepers in the USA.”

Rocla produces a number of sleepers, track blocks and crossing panels at its plants in the United States and its production plant in Mexico.