RTC says the shareholders intend to continue to implement the company’s current development strategy, which is aimed at maintaining a leading position in specific transport segments such as grain transport using specialised equipment.

The company has capitalised on the growth of Russia’s grain production and export market over the past 10 years, and is now one of the largest carriers of export grain in the country.

RTC Group currently operates 68,000 wagons, including hopper, gondola, timber, flat and tank wagons.

Modernising the existing grain logistics infrastructure is one of the priority strategic tasks of RTC Group, as rail currently carries about 50% of grain to deep-sea ports, and is also the most effective way to transport grain from remote regions of Russia.

The development of domestic transport infrastructure, the reduction of market volatility and the provision of high-quality and reliable services for specialised Russian enterprises are also important strategic objectives for the group.

RTK Group and VTB Group intend to continue the development of other business segments, including the transport of timber, bulk cargoes and mineral fertilisers.

The Russian government is the largest shareholder in VTB, at 60%, and as of December 31 2018, the group was the second largest financial group in Russia in terms of assets, at Roubles 14.76 trillion ($US 271.4bn), and customer accounts, at Roubles 10.403 trillion.