WAGON leasing company VTG Rail UK has awarded Mandy Rail a contract to maintain a fleet of 50 type IIA bogie hopper wagons that operate out of the Port of Tyne in northeast England.

Founded in 2019, Mandy Rail undertakes wagon repair, maintenance and overhaul and now employs 18 staff.

The VTG contract is Mandy Rail’s first long-term contract for the ongoing maintenance of a specific wagon fleet.

The VTG fleet of type IIA bogie hopper wagons operates in northeast England.

“We are delighted to team up with Mandy Rail and to support the great success this company is achieving at such a young age,” says Mr Ian Shaw, sales and marketing director at VTG Rail UK.

“We have been very impressed by their commitment, enthusiasm and expertise in all the work they have done for us which led us to signing this long-term contract.”

“It’s testament to all the hard work we put into our business to provide the highest quality in maintaining freight wagons,” says Mr Mark Hedley, co-founder and managing director of Mandy Rail.