“It is our goal to offer our clients continuous traction services and an extensive logistic solutions out of one hand,” says Mr Günther Ferk, head of VTG Rail Logistics Europe. “In the near future a locomotive must be able to be able to operate on entire corridors without the effort of changing traction at borders to achieve benefits in quality and quantity.”

Carbo Rail, established by a merger of the Czech Republic-based Cargosped and Slovakia-based Rail Sped in 2017, is based in Bratislava, Slovakia. The undertaking is licensed for operations Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Hungary, and has 25 locomotives and 150 staff.

The company cooperates with ČD Cargo, the freight subsidiary of Czech Railways (CD), and its subsidiary ČD Cargo Slovakia. Carbo Rail’s traction fleet includes locomotives rented from ČD Cargo, such as 3000V class 182 six-axle locomotives, class 230 ‘Laminatka’ locomotives, and class 742 four-axle diesel-electric locomotives.

The purchase is subject to approval from competition authorities.