BAVARIAN Railway (BEG) has awarded Siemens Mobility a contract to build 23 four-car Mireo EMUs for Agilis to operate on the Regensburg/Danube Valley rail network.

The articulated EMUs will operate on the new RE Line 50 service (Nuremberg - Regensburg - Plattling) and RB Line 51 (Newmarkt - Regensburg - Plattling).

Siemens will build the 15kV EMUs at its Krefeld factory in Germany. They will be delivered to Agilis in 2024, with commissioning due to be completed by the end of that year.

The 23 90-metre trains each have 16 first-class and 200 standard-class seats and have fully-accessible interiors. They are also more powerful than previous Mireo trains with two additional drive axles to enable improved acceleration.

The EMUs will be fitted with high-frequency window panes developed by Siemens to improve mobile phone reception on board. A free WLAN service will be available.

Agilis, a subsidiary of BeNEX and Hamburger Hochbahn, won the tender to operate the network in May this year and said at the time it would order the EMUs from Siemens Mobility to enable an hourly service to operate. The new fleet will also enable for the expansion of some other services to Regensburg and replace locomotive-hauled push-pull trains used by German Rail (DB).

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