PARIS transport authority Île-de-France Mobility (IdFM) has ordered a further 28 TW20 LRVs for light rail line T1, exercising an option worth €89m under a contract for up to 120 LRVs awarded to Alstom in 2021.

The new LRVs will be required for the first stage of the eastern extension of Line T1, due to open to Montreuil in 2025 and to Val-de-Fontenay in 2027. They will also enable the peak frequency on Line T1 to be increased from every 5 minutes at present to every 4 minutes.

T1 runs for 18km from Asnières Quatre Routes in the west to Noisy-le-Sec in the east, and is one of the busiest lines on the Île-de-France network, according to IdFM. The oldest members of the current fleet date from the opening of the first section of Line T1 in 1992.

Fleet renewal began with an initial order for 37 TW20 LRVs under the contract awarded to Alstom in 2021. This initial batch is due to be in service by the end of this year, and the first TW20 was delivered to Line T1 in May.

Last month saw the start of dynamic trials, which are also being conducted on Line T8 running from Saint-Denis to Épinay-Orgemont.

The TW20 offers 15% more capacity than the existing T1 fleet, and is 100% accessible with wider doors for easier boarding by passengers with reduced mobility. Each LRV is equipped with 20 passenger information screens and 32 USB ports.

More LRVs for Line T2

At a cost of €11.5m, IdFM is also funding the transfer of seven TW10 LRVs from lines T7 and T8 to Line T2, with runs from La Défense to Porte de Versailles.

This will increase the Line T2 fleet from 65 to 72 LRVs, improving service reliability and ensuring that operator RATP meets its contractual target of a service every 3min 30 sec in the peaks.

Additional capacity will also be required to meet the increase in ridership expected with the opening of new transport infrastructure in the western suburbs of Paris, including the extension of RER Line E to Mantes-la-Jolie, Line 15 South of the Grand Paris Express network and the extension of Line T1 from Asnières to Colombes.

Line T2 currently carries 225,000 passengers a day and is also one of the busiest on the Île-de-France network.

Infrastructure work required to accommodate the TW10 LRVs on Line T2, including modifications to platforms, the LRV maintenance facility and the signalling system, will cost €2.4m which is being provided by IdFM.

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