The Talent 3 trains will be similar to those ordered last year by Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB) for the province of Tyrol, which will also operate in Italy.

With the electrification of the Val Venosta line, Alto Adige is planning to launch direct hourly Malles - Bolzano - Innsbruck services in December 2021.

The trains will also be used on services from Malles and Bolzano to Fortezza, San Candido and Lienz (Austria).

The fleet will be equipped to operate on Italy’s conventional 3kV dc system, 25kV ac for operation on the Merano – Malles line and the Brenner Base Tunnel currently under construction, and 15kV 16.7Hz for operation in Austria.

The trains will also be fitted with three signalling systems: ETCS Level 2, Italy’s SCMT, and Austria’s PZB Indusi system.