The remaining vehicles are expected to be delivered before the end of May 2021. Alstom will begin dynamic tests with the LRVs at the end of September as part of the contract, before they are put into service in February 2021. Alstom is also responsible for training and the supply of spare parts.

The new fleet will supplement Attiko’s existing fleet of AnsaldoBreda Sirio LRVs for use on its network in Athens and Piraeus.

The five-section LRVs are 33m long and have capacity for 284 passengers. The vehicles feature permanent magnet high-efficiency traction motors, air-conditioning, LED interior lighting and digital passenger information systems, and are 97% recyclable.

The vehicles also provide simplified sub-system integration, enabling reductions in maintenance costs, as well as reductions in overall energy consumption compared with Attiko’s older fleets.

The new fleet is intended to increase capacity and efficiency on the city’s network, as well as to enable potential future expansion. The fleet will also help to improve sustainability and reduce the ecological impact of the Athens light rail network.

“It is our duty to contribute to more sustainable and green mobility in the city of Athens,” says Attiko Metro CEO, Mr Nikos Kouretas.

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