AUSTRALIA has launched its National Rolling Stock Procurement Pipeline (NRSPP), an online nationwide database of current and future rolling stock orders.

The federal government, which is behind the initiative, says that NRSPP provides manufacturers with a one-stop shop for information on rolling stock tenders.

It is the first major initiative by the Office of National Rail Industry Coordination (Onric) under the Rail Procurement and Manufacturing Strategy to improve national coordination of manufacturing in the rail sector.

NRSPP, developed by the Department of Industry, Science and Resources in consultation with industry, uses a simple graphic format to present the data in both chart and table form. Key information includes:

  • procurement location
  • estimated value
  • order status, and
  • timeframe.

The database can be searched for both new fleets and refurbishment projects can be filtered by four network types: light rail, heavy rail, urban rail and metro.

Onric worked closely with state governments and the Australian rail supply industry, to create the first edition of NRSPP.

“Suppliers now have visibility of rolling stock manufacturing and major refurbishment opportunities across Australia,” says Ms Jacqui Walters, national rail manufacturing advocate and chair of the Rail Industry Innovation Council. “This information assists businesses to position for work, make investment decisions and grow.”

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