A so-called market investigation has been published in the official Journal of the European Union (EU). While ÖBB does not specify the total number of vehicles required, it says it wants three types of trains: 50m, 75m and 100m-long. All the trains must be approved for operation in Austria, Germany, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia and Italy under 15kV 16.7Hz, 25kV 50Hz and 3kV dc electrification.

The EMUs must be able to cope with platform heights of 380mm, 550mm and 760mm. The trains will have a maximum speed of 160km/h and the option for 200km/h. ETCS is also required, and delivery should take place within 36 months.

The 50m-long version should be able to operate on battery power over at least 100km.

The call is an interesting move by ÖBB, as it currently has a framework contract with Bombardier for up to 300 Talent 3 EMUs, from which it has only placed a firm order for 46 EMUs. However, ÖBB is extremely unhappy with the Talent 3, which has already been delayed by one year, and does not want to place additional orders. As a result of the market investigation ÖBB may announce a formal tender but also reserves the right to cancel the whole procurement.

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