ITALIAN narrow gauge railway operator Subalpine Railway Company (SSIF), which operates the 52km, 1000mm-gauge Centovalli railway between Domodossola, Italy, and Locarno, Switzerland, in cooperation with Swiss operator Ticino Regional Railways Company (Fart), has invited manufacturers to submit bids to supply four four-car trains, with an option to supply another four trains.

The trains will comprise two powered intermediate cars, one of which will be equipped with a toilet, and two unpowered driving cars, and will operate on 1.2kV dc electrification.

The total framework agreement is worth €50.6m, while the initial order for four trains is worth €26.8m. The contract includes spare parts, maintenance equipment and staff training. The trains must be authorised by Italy’s National Agency for Rail, Road and Motorway Safety (ANSFISA).

Bids must be received by 13.00 on February 16 2022.

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