AUTHORISATION to the Technical Specification of Interoperability 2019/776 has been granted for CAF Signalling’s Auriga ETCS Baseline 3 Release 2 version onboard signalling system.

The system was fitted to a Plasser & Theurer EM100 Measuring Car in collaboration with AZD Praha, Czech Republic, and has also been authorised for operation in the Czech Republic by the Czech National Safety Authority.

CAF Signalling says Auriga offers a “high degree of availability thanks to its redundant 2oo3 architecture and the robustness of its odometry.”

The company says Auriga integrates another class B signalling system into its LS on-board system, which is currently used in the Czech Republic in combination with ETCS.

“This ground-breaking milestone places CAF Signalling among the first suppliers with a certified Baseline 3 Release 2 solution,” the company says.