Under the contract signed last month, the 11-car 3kV dc trains are being manufactured between July and September. The fleet will feature the express blue and white livery to distinguish it from regular services. The trains will operate on the Moscow - Dmitrov and Moscow - Lobnya lines.

The trains will have ergonomic seats with USB sockets, air-conditioning equipped with a disinfection system, hand rails in the vestibules and bicycle racks in the end coaches, as well as external screens displaying the destination.

The trains, designed for high platforms, will be barrier-free to improve access for passengers with limited mobility, and the lead coaches will feature folding ramps and spaces for wheelchair users. The toilets will also be adapted for passengers with limited mobility. Information plates in the coach will be duplicated in Braille.

Overall, DMZ is delivering 19 ED4M and eight EP2D EMUs for CPPK’s REKS project. The first four EP2D trains were delivered in late July and early August. DMZ has also manufactured 10 standard EP2D 11-car trains for CPPK this year.  

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