BRITISH freight operator DB Cargo (UK) has unveiled a class 66 diesel locomotive that will be powered exclusively by Hydro-treated Vegetable Oil (HVO).  

The locomotive, repainted in a special livery celebrating the change in fuel and carrying the branding “I am a climate hero,” is the first to be powered only by HVO oil, which is synthetically made through the hydro-treatment process from vegetable oils or animal fats. It’s supplied by Crown Oil and is responsibly sourced, being 100% derived from waste products with no virgin products used in manufacturing. The fuel reduces emissions by up to 90% per locomotive. 

Testing of DBC’s diesel-powered fleet powered by HVO began late last year, initially using a class 67 for static tests before a main line test was carried out using a class 66. Since then more class 66s and a class 60 have been tested using the alternative fuel.  
There are no modifications required for the locomotive to be powered by HVO, and they can even run on a mixture of the two.