DB says the centre will have a 450m-long maintenance hall with capacity to maintain up to 25 ICE trains per day. The facility will employ more than 450 people and be operated 100% CO2-neutral.

The announcement was made on October 5 at a ceremony attended by Germany’s federal minister of transport, Mr Andreas Scheuer, DB board members for passenger transport, Mr Berthold Huber, and infrastructure, Mr Ronald Pofalla, and Bavaria’s minister of transport Ms Kerstin Schreyer.

“Today we have to set the course for growth and maintenance of the fleet of tomorrow,” Huber says. “The decision for the new plant in Nuremberg is an important milestone. For the expansion and modernisation of its long-distance fleet alone, DB is investing the record sum of €8.5bn by 2026, including in a total of 167 new ICE 3 and 4 trains.”

“DB is our top player for climate protection and future-proof jobs,” Scheuer says. “We support this boost by investing more in the rail system than ever before.”

Artist's impression of the Nuremberg ICE maintenance centre.

The location of the maintenance centre will be determined in close cooperation with the planning authorities in the coming months. DB says citizens and environmental associations will be included in the planning process.