GERMAN Rail (DB) has unveiled a walk-in 1:1 model of a future S-Bahn train that offers 40% more capacity as well as extra space for bicycles and prams.

The IdeenzugCity design allows seats to be retracted or extended at the touch of a button, making the train’s capacity adaptable to changes in passenger volume throughout the day.

New types of displays and digital foils on windows and doors aim to improve passenger information. Externally there would be a 180° train destination display allowing passengers to view it from all angles as it arrives at a platform.

Passengers wishing to work on the train will have access to foldable tables and be able to use an integrated display as a second screen for their laptop or tablet.

“With the IdeenzugCity, we are making concrete offers to the entire local transport industry for the further development of S-Bahn trains,” says DB Regio CEO, Dr Jörg Sandvoß. “The flexible space concept with automatically adjustable seating and standing areas is unique worldwide. This is how the mobility revolution works, this is how we win new passengers for the environmentally friendly railway."

The IdeenzugCity concept follows the IdeenzugRegio unveiled in 2018 that included redesigned toilet facilities and a flexible interior concept for bicycles. The first versions of that train are used on the Munich S-Bahn and will, in future, be used on the Stuttgart S-Bahn, Hamburg S-Bahn and by DB Regio subsidiary South East Bavarian Railway.