The 15-year loan will help finance 42 new electric Vectron locomotives, more than 100 new EMUs and coaches, and the establishment of three workshops that will meet the latest technological and environmental standards. 

“Modernisation of the train fleet in Denmark is a significant contribution to the green transition,” says DSB CEO, Mr Flemming Jensen. “The accompanying investments are large and will extend over a long period of time. Precisely for this reason, DSB is pleased with the cooperation and trust NIB shows by providing long-term financing. 

“It is very satisfying that DSB’s initiatives and plans for more sustainable transport are approved, and that on this basis we can attract capital from one of the most credible investors in the market.” 

DSB’s investments in electric trains will allow all diesel trains to be phased out, contributing to the operator’s goal to become completely CO2 neutral by 2030.  

The new trains will also allow DSB to streamline operations and halve its energy consumption by 2030. 

“Already today, DSB’s Intercity train is four-to-five times better regarding CO2 emissions than a similar journey in a diesel or petrol car, without the risk of sitting in line due to congestion on the roads,” Jensen says. “We must maintain and expand that competitive advantage. With these investments, we ensure that the train is also in the future the sustainable choice and efficient transport choice.”