The tram, purchased for €3m, will be produced in Kajaani, Finland, and delivered to Germany in spring next year. SRS placed an order for two trams in October 2018, which are now in service.

Škoda Transtech developed the Artic Helsinki tram in close cooperation with Helsinki Transport Company (HKL). The first Artic trams began operation in Helsinki in 2013, with 60 currently in service. HKL ordered a total of 72 vehicles of this type.

“Thanks to the good experience and high satisfaction with these vehicles, our transport company wants to take the opportunity to buy a new vehicle before the end of this series of trams,” says SRS CEO, Mr Detlef Bröcker.

“This purchase will ensure the future of our fleet. With a larger fleet, we can benefit from synergies in maintenance and service, spare parts purchasing and training. The new, third Artic tram will be delivered in early 2020.”

The metre-gauge ForCity Smart Artic Helsinki uni-directional three-section tram is 27.4m-long and 100% low-floor. The vehicle also offers access for wheelchairs and prams. The LRVs feature all-wheel drive and robust chassis and axle design to enable trouble-free operation in harsh climatic conditions.

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