THE new Chinese standard metro train developed by CRRC will be used on the Zhengzhou Airport - Xuchang line in the Henan province.

Developed by CRRC Sifang, the type B car is equipped with ATO at Grade-of-Automation 4 (GOA 4) and has a 120km/h maximum speed.

The first Type B 120km/h standard Metro. CRRC (via Twitter).

The train is one of four designs unveiled in June ranging from maglev to metro trains as CRRC seeks to standardise train design, the result of a project with the China Association of Metros, metro companies, and scientific research institutes, which commenced in July 2019. Development of the other three metro platforms continues.

Each standard subway train can be freely configured in terms of driving mode, traction system, vehicle grouping and body contour to meet specific user needs.

The interior of the first Type B standard metro. CRRC (via Twitter).

These trains have independent intellectual property rights, says CRRC. There will be a generalisation of components that will be interchangeable depending on the specific needs of different lines, models of train and manufacturers. This is designed to reduce both the cost of operation and maintenance.