The €160m order for 17 trains was placed in June 2015 using an option from a framework contract awarded to Alstom by SNCF in 2009.

Each 72m-long four-car train seats 204 passengers and the 140km/h sets are equipped to operate on 15kV ac, 25kV ac and 1.5kV dc electrification systems.

Deliveries are due to start in the summer and the fleet will enter commercial operation in December.

The 230km Léman Express network will serve a total of 45 stations on lines from Geneva to Annecy, Bellegarde, Evian-les-Bains, Coppet, and St Gervais.

The heart of Léman Express is the Cornavin-Eaux Vives-Annemasse (Ceva) project, a 16km line between Lancy-Pont Rouge and Eaux Vives, which will create new direct rail connection between Geneva and Evian-les-Bains.

The network will be operated by a joint venture of SNCF and Swiss Federal Railways (SBB), which will use a fleet of 23 four-car Stadler Flirt EMUs on lines within Switzerland.