THE design was unveiled at the inauguration of the Design Lines exhibition at the Fabrique du Métro where visitors will be able to see a 1:1-scale model of the future fully automated metro train. The ceremony was attended by Ms Valérie Pécresse, president of Île-de-France Mobilités, Mr Thierry Dallard, chairman of Société du Grand Paris (SGP), and Mr Henri Poupart-Lafarge, chairman and CEO of Alstom.

The trains have been designed by Alstom’s design and styling office in collaboration with Île-de-France Mobilités, SGP, its prime contractor Systra and RCP Design Global.

Alstom will supply 25 six-car Metropolis trains for Line 15 and 23 three-car trains for lines 16 and 17.

Alstom says the interior layout is designed to maximise capacity and comfort. The new trains will be 2.8m wide. A three-car train will be able to carry around 500 passengers while a six-car train will have double this. The trains will have a commercial speed of between 55 and 65km/h and a maximum speed of 110km/h.

The trains will have plenty of room for passengers to move around. Wide windscreens at each end of the train will give passengers a panoramic view of the track ahead.

Seats will have high backrests, armrests and good legroom, and there will be a mixture of face-to-face and longitudinal seating.

Each train will have two zones dedicated to wheelchair users, while priority seats will be easy to identify by their specific colour.

Lighting resembling natural light will vary according to the time of day. The spaces beneath the seats will be unobstructed and equipped with lighting to improve security. Each car will be equipped with powerful ventilation, air-conditioning and heating systems.

Passenger information will be displayed on screens grouped together in a continuous strip throughout the train and USB sockets for charging phones and tablets will be provided.

To optimise energy consumption, the trains will have 100% electric service braking, regenerative braking and LED lighting, and they will be 98% recyclable.

There will be an on-board fault diagnostic system which will send information about the condition of the train to maintenance staff.

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