This is the first order for trains for the new three-line GTX regional rail network serving the Korean capital. The trains will be delivered in time for the opening of Line A in 2024.

The eight-car trains will have sufficient capacity to carry up to 1090 passengers. As the EMUs will have a maximum speed 180km/h and will operate partially underground, the bodyshells will be reinforced and pressure tight to avoid discomfort to passengers from the change in air pressure when trains enter stations.

To minimise noise levels, the doors on the GTX EMUs will be single-leaf and the same thickness as those used on KTX-Sancheon and Supreme Railway (SRT) high-speed trains. In order to accelerate boarding and alighting at stations, the width of the doors will be 1300mm compared with 900mm on the high-speed trains, and there will be three doors per side.

GTX Line A will be 83.1km long with 10 stations and will run from Unjeong in Paju, through the centre of Seoul to Dongtan in Hwaseong.

Much of Line A already exists, as GTX services will share tracks with the SRT high-speed line. The southern section from Samseong to Dongtan is being built by the Korea Rail Network Authority. Line A is expected to cost Won 3.58 trillion and is expected to carry around 300,000 passengers per day.

GTX lines B and C were approved last year. Line B will link Songdo with Cheongnyangni and Line C will run from Uijeongbu to Geumjeong. The two lines will add another 130km to the GTX network by 2027.

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