The order includes 11 vehicles for Line T4, and two for Line T12. Île-de-France will cover the entire cost of the order. 

The tram-trains will be capable of speeds of up to 100km/h and will have capacity for around 292 passengers. 

The vehicles will be primarily manufactured at Alstom’s Valenciennes site, with additional components and services provided by other Alstom facilities. 

Île-de-France currently operates a fleet of 30 Citadis Dualis tram-trains, including a fleet of 15 which entered service on T4 in December 2019.  

Alstom is currently manufacturing 34 tram-trains ordered under the same contract in 2018 at its Valenciennes site. 11 will be used on the 18.8km T13 Express Saint-Cyr - Saint-Germain line, which is scheduled for commissioning at the end of 2021. The other 23 will be used on the 20.4km T12 Massy - Evry line, testing of which will begin in 2022. 

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