The contract is for 448 EMU cars that are expected to be delivered by 2023. Lines 1 and 3 will receive 80 cars each, while Line 4 will get 180 cars. In addition, 108 cars have been ordered for the Bundang Line, a regional line operated by Korail that runs southeast from Seoul to Gyeonggi Province.

The new trains for lines 1, 4 and the Bundang Line will have a maximum speed of 110km/h, while Line 3 trains will be limited to 90km/h. Bundang Line trains will comprise six-car sets, while all the metro trains will have 10 cars.

Much like the new Line 2 EMUs, the trains will have air purifiers and CCTV to transmit real-time images to the control centres. Screens will also provide information on how crowded each car is, so that passengers can travel in less-crowded parts of the train.

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