Newag submitted a bid of Zlotys 169.74m ($US 40.9m) for the six three-car dual-mode multiple units compared with KD’s budget of Zlotys 118m. Newag’s bid works out at Zlotys 28.29m per train, which KD says is far too expensive. Newag has 10 days to appeal against KD’s decision to reject its bid.

The order was set to be KD’s first for dual-mode trains.

KD is still evaluating bids for the supply of five five-car EMUs. KD’s budget for this contract is Zlotys 123m. Pesa bid with a price of Zlotys 145.17m (Zlotys 29m per car), while Newag submitted a bid with a higher price of Zlotys 161m (Zlotys 32.2m per car).

The price per vehicle for both tenders includes servicing the trains up to Level P3.2.

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